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Hello all, I am back again today.  420! Well I am heading to the Arizona Shootout, if you haven't heard of it, it is one of the largest shoots hosted here in the State.  The shoot out runs for 3 days with a meetup the day before.  There are over 65 photographers attending and 35 models to try and keep the ratio at a nice 2-1.  The location this time is a mining museum in Wickenburg that is completely closed down to any visitors so only the registered attendees can be present.  I am so excited as I know there will be some amazing images created there!  The whole town of Wickenburg is pretty much booked up for hotels right now so I know it's a great turn out.  I have also started the creation of my second page for my Patreons and the content there is updated a lot easier than the existing page.  I hope to test this page out and see how it fares in comparison.  The page will be called Patreon Content 2 for now.  I am only providing access to this page to my current subscribers as this is the only way I can validate age.  I also have started filming videos.  They are little bit erotic but not pornographic if that makes sense.  Basically a lot of baby oil and a lot of skin haha.  Have some other videos in store but those are going to be on my YouTube Channel for now.  I hope you all have a great weekend and stay tuned for when I write again!