Hello from Violet

So I've been here a very short while in the modeling world and perhaps it would be best to start from where I began......

I was always interested in being a model.  In fact I wanted to be one since I was very young.  I would pose in pictures and fantasized about being a big hit.  It was difficult though.  I had 2 older sisters who were both great looking and super talented at everything they pursued.  One is a great singer and wants to act, the other is an amazing singer too and artist.  When it came to me...well I just was the misfit child with the disproportionate body that was, well just awkward.

Moving on into my older years I became obsessed with America's Next Top Model...Uh yeah I know silly but I love the show!  Anyway I would spend time just imagining myself in those scenarios.  As I grew up with the show basically it became more of a dream and not a thing that I thought would ever happen. 

Then, as I grew older I realized that my height was not quite up to the minimum required for run way modeling, and this really gave me a full on bummer moment.  I also felt so very unattractive, in that boys always went for my sisters, and I didn't feel very popular in school.  Another thing that was a bit of a set back in my pursuit is my family was super religious.  Well still are but they have let things slide a bit.  That is their beliefs in lifestyles has wavered from what they were. 

I attended this private school for arts.  I loved it, sculpting, painting, etc.  and I still do this stuff now.  Armature but everyone starts somewhere right? So on thru high school I was a bit of a social misfit.  Had a lot of friends come and go.  Some very hurtful people came in and out of my life and modeling still was just a dream.  I dated a boy and left home to live with him and that didn't work out.  I moved back home after the 1st boyfriend and my life went back to just what it was.  In the rat race like everyone else. Dated another boy and that well, was not cool and neither of these two ever were really encouraging me to pursue my dream.    Then came my 3rd boyfriend.  He was much older and I kinda pursued him.  I was 19 years old and thought he was the bees knees.  He told me I was too young and that I should date more and experience life but I just had to get him.  Eventually he broke down and we started seeing each other, I moved in after a while and told him of my dream of being a model. 

His first suggestion was that I find a photographer.  He told me he knows nothing about the industry but he knew people.  So he took me to a great photographer friend of his who does amazing pictures and asked his friend if he would take some pictures of me.  This guy is amazing and he usually charges, I mean that's his living so it made sense.  But he said ok I'll do proofs.  I didn't know what those were but was like OK.  And these proofs were great to me.  I still love them and am ever thankful for him doing this.  (And I now have an idea what proofs are.  Basically simple shots done by the photographer to show a rough idea of what the pictures are like.)  ...wow this is becoming a book..  I think that I will stop here for today.  This is just what happened 2 years ago btw.  Take care and if you made it to this part.  I hope ....that I'm doing this right.  My first blog....btw please forgive my grammar.  Never was the best student LOL.