And the saga continues

Ok well sorry this is so long.  Well let's see last time I met with Dave Kelley and got to shoot with him.  Did my 1st shoots with Robert and Gary.  So this is where things got pretty crazy for me.  Pretty soon I was being asked by several photographers to shoot.  I had request coming out my ears.  I didn't know what to do so I just started figuring out prices.  Someone suggested a fan page which I did and that helped some too.  I then started using my events page to track all my bookings.  This worked out pretty good until something happened.  I was approached by a writer for a movie.  She asked if I would be willing to be in her film which was being done in New Orleans.  I was thrilled, I never considered being in a movie.  So I thought I would give it a go.  They sent me the script which I loved and it really seemed interesting.  And just like anything else there is a catch.  The writer she was the main character, her husband was the director and I was to have 3 romantic scenes with her.  Seemed ok still. They offered the standard rates for and independent film.  They were on IMDB and other places I thought it looked cool.  They wanted me to come out asap but I was already booked for several shoots.  So I had to ask them if June was ok.  They wanted me for a whole month!  In New Orleans.  I had never travelled alone and I didn't know them.  So I asked my hubby to come along.  He agreed but could only come for 2 weeks.  The next option was someone from my family.  So it was set.  I was to come out in June.  The next day I get a message form them expecting me sooner.  I then reminded them that I won't be available.  This is when things got sticky.  They tried to push me to cancel my other shoots and go.  I told them that was not possible.  So after a bit they agreed to June again.  Next thing I know they wanted me there alone.  With no escort nobody.  This freaked me out and we tried to explain to them this was not quite something we agree to.  They went back and forward and I then politely said that I just don't feel comfortable being there alone for that long.  Within a few minutes of this my Facebook page was reported as not being my legal name and was shut down...all my events on the callendar were gone!  I panicked and made another page then started messaging with Facebook to try and recover it. 2 days later I got my page back.  But with 1 requirement.  They believe that Violet is not a name.  So I changed the name to something more believable.  Well I think that's about all I can write at this time.  I'll add more and then after I get caught up I promise my blogs won't be so lengthy!