Come what May

I have beem super busy and have been solidifying my plans for my road trip. There has been alot kf activity here on the home front too. Had this fun little shoot on horseback but didn't get to ride alot..bummer! Also as you probably have seen my website has been updated! This month I will be starting on the reality show,  traveling through the south east of the US, trying to do a dive shoot ...scared! I think thata it for now. 


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What happened this weekend

Hi all! Well Violet Pixie here. I spent the weekend at a most amazing event. The AZ shootout.  This was an event where 35 models and 60 photographers attended.  There was shooting going on everywhere! I finally was able to model with Riley Anne, Adore Persephone,  Jean Monroe oh the list goes on. Some of the images will make it's way to my site soon I am sure. The photographers were all so very nice. I had essentially 4 days of would think I would stop there but nope i am booked up this week every day! This is going to be wonderful because the creativity is out there! Well thats about it hope to see you soon!

What's new

Hello all, I am back again today.  420! Well I am heading to the Arizona Shootout, if you haven't heard of it, it is one of the largest shoots hosted here in the State.  The shoot out runs for 3 days with a meetup the day before.  There are over 65 photographers attending and 35 models to try and keep the ratio at a nice 2-1.  The location this time is a mining museum in Wickenburg that is completely closed down to any visitors so only the registered attendees can be present.  I am so excited as I know there will be some amazing images created there!  The whole town of Wickenburg is pretty much booked up for hotels right now so I know it's a great turn out.  I have also started the creation of my second page for my Patreons and the content there is updated a lot easier than the existing page.  I hope to test this page out and see how it fares in comparison.  The page will be called Patreon Content 2 for now.  I am only providing access to this page to my current subscribers as this is the only way I can validate age.  I also have started filming videos.  They are little bit erotic but not pornographic if that makes sense.  Basically a lot of baby oil and a lot of skin haha.  Have some other videos in store but those are going to be on my YouTube Channel for now.  I hope you all have a great weekend and stay tuned for when I write again!

Looking to do more!

There hasn't been a lot of time to be honest.  I never thought I would be so busy.  My 1st two attempts at blogging have not been great.  Just too much to write.  I decided that I will start doing simple blogs.  Perhaps just an update from here or there.  Right now on the plate?  Well I have done a few more magazines.  Have some big news on the horizon if it happens.  Will be travelling back out east in 1 month!

Been a long long time

So it's been a while.  What have I been up to?  Well this week I have been booked almost every day of the week.  Had 2 shoots in my new house which was amazing.  Shot with 2 other models and can't wait to see the pictures.  Was just given an offer to go to Vegas for 4 different magazines so I will be there on April 6-8.  Gonna be a busy but fun schedule!  Can't wait....

And the saga continues

Ok well sorry this is so long.  Well let's see last time I met with Dave Kelley and got to shoot with him.  Did my 1st shoots with Robert and Gary.  So this is where things got pretty crazy for me.  Pretty soon I was being asked by several photographers to shoot.  I had request coming out my ears.  I didn't know what to do so I just started figuring out prices.  Someone suggested a fan page which I did and that helped some too.  I then started using my events page to track all my bookings.  This worked out pretty good until something happened.  I was approached by a writer for a movie.  She asked if I would be willing to be in her film which was being done in New Orleans.  I was thrilled, I never considered being in a movie.  So I thought I would give it a go.  They sent me the script which I loved and it really seemed interesting.  And just like anything else there is a catch.  The writer she was the main character, her husband was the director and I was to have 3 romantic scenes with her.  Seemed ok still. They offered the standard rates for and independent film.  They were on IMDB and other places I thought it looked cool.  They wanted me to come out asap but I was already booked for several shoots.  So I had to ask them if June was ok.  They wanted me for a whole month!  In New Orleans.  I had never travelled alone and I didn't know them.  So I asked my hubby to come along.  He agreed but could only come for 2 weeks.  The next option was someone from my family.  So it was set.  I was to come out in June.  The next day I get a message form them expecting me sooner.  I then reminded them that I won't be available.  This is when things got sticky.  They tried to push me to cancel my other shoots and go.  I told them that was not possible.  So after a bit they agreed to June again.  Next thing I know they wanted me there alone.  With no escort nobody.  This freaked me out and we tried to explain to them this was not quite something we agree to.  They went back and forward and I then politely said that I just don't feel comfortable being there alone for that long.  Within a few minutes of this my Facebook page was reported as not being my legal name and was shut down...all my events on the callendar were gone!  I panicked and made another page then started messaging with Facebook to try and recover it. 2 days later I got my page back.  But with 1 requirement.  They believe that Violet is not a name.  So I changed the name to something more believable.  Well I think that's about all I can write at this time.  I'll add more and then after I get caught up I promise my blogs won't be so lengthy! 

My story part 2

Ok so where was I?  Let's see family, school, first attempt at modeling....oh yeah proofs. Well I had these proofs done.  They were really cool and looked so good and I thought ok now I can just show these to someone and they would be like...That girl is hired we wanna make you a STAR!  Not quite.  LOL.  What actually happened was I needed to get headshots and more.  You know a portfolio.  We talked to a couple other photographers but they just were very indifferent about shooting me.  So discouraging!  Any way my boyfriend had a plan of sorts.  He was going to pay for me to get headshots and pay for a photographer to do a theme shoot with other models.  Would have been cool but well, the overall cost and coordination of it was just not cool..  So it didn't happen. 

A few months after the headshots we went hiking.  I love to hike.  Went to this place he goes and took some friends.  It was middle of February and really cold and snow was up on the mountain area.  I wanted to get to this waterfall area and thought I could scale the side of the cliff like we do when it's summer.  Major mistake....the icy cliff and the snow everywhere made it impossible to scale.  So I told my boyfriend that I won't be able to make it and he said yeah that's not a good idea.  I was coming back from the cliff and got a little stuck.  Instead of waiting to be helped out of there I jumped...LOL yeah what a dare devil I am!  What I didn't count on was that the snow covered some boulders and I landed on my ankle badly. Thought it was the worst sprain I ever had in my life.  Nope not a sprain and it turned out to be that I broke my tibia and fibula bone. My foot was dangling on the leg and it was gross.  No blood or puncture in the skin just like there was nothing holding the foot there.  So with a bit of hopping and the boys carrying me out of the canyon, we drove to a hospital where it was verified, the bones were broken.  Actually the worst pain I have ever experienced.  I had to get surgery and have plates and screws put in my ankle.  Needless to say I was not doing any modeling or much of anything else for the next year.  Got a ton of great movies off my bucket list but yeah nada.  No hiking, no gym, no going rock climbing nada...Going out was a real bitch, I mean who wants to be strapped to a chair and all that.  I became the mobile coffee table for everyone.  Need somewhere to put your purse? Here I am, Need someone to hold the popcorn in the movies, yup that's me!  Woohoo.  yeah not fun.  So I had some physical therapy and waited for the leg to heal.  Dreams of modeling, all but forgotten. 

Then about 2 months ago.  It's what May 8th now?  One of my good friends came to me and said she was going to try modeling and was going to a shoot.  She wanted me to come along as well, a chaperone.  I was like sure.. My boyfriend encouraged me to maybe see if I can get a few shots taken and the photographers did.  The pictures were ok I guess but I had no idea what to do with them. I went back to my regular deal, going to the gym 6 days a week and hanging out.  Well as it should happen my gym was hosting an event one day while I was there.  We had gotten there to work out and do a few laps in the pool.  This turned out to be a photographer's convention.  There were a couple models there but the rest of them were photographers.  This is where I met Dave Kelley (photographer) and Aurora O'Brien (model). I talked to them a little bit and Dave told me to get in touch with him if I was interested in modeling.  I did but never heard back from him.  Talked to Aurora a bit and was a little intimidated by how successful she was and great her pictures were.  And once again my life went back to normal...

Well, my girlfriend came to me again and asked if we could go with her to a group shoot.  This was a week after the 1st time I went with her. Now if you don't know what a group shoot is, and I'm not an expert here, I'll tell ya what I know.  Essentially it's a bunch of photographers and models in an area where they all get to share work and get their portfolios built up.  So we went.  It was really kinda intimidating.  A lot of girls and photographers walking around and I didn't know the first thing about what to do.  So I went to a few photographers and asked if they wanted to shoot me.  Had no idea that there was a tipping system in place, you know like if you did nude images or lingerie etc.  I was not even sure I could do nudes.  I mean I never took my clothes off for anyone but a doctor or my boyfriends.  I also wasn't sure if my current boyfriend would be cool with me doing that.  So when the 1st photographer asked me if I would I was a deer in the headlights.  I mean NUDE??? are you insane?  I'm not a stripper!  But my friend said that's the way it kinda is, so I talked to my boyfriend and he said well if you are ok with that, but keep in mind once you do that, there is no taking the images back. So I being the exhibitionist that I really am at least in my heart, I was like heck ya! No clothes in the outdoors, I'm down!  So I did it.  And I was with all these other girls and it was cool.  The pictures came out pretty good and I was happy.  Well after that I took a bunch of pictures there with all these different photographers and it was great.  There was this very shy photographer that asked to shoot with me and he was just really timid and sweet.  I really hit it off with him.  Older gentleman and he started to tell me how things were in the industry.  He then asked me if I would do a studio shoot with him and I asked if I could bring my boyfriend, and he was fine with that.  So a week later we went to his house and he had a little studio set up.  And I did my first studio shoot.  It was just natural to me.  We did lingerie which was fun and I felt so honored to have someone actually want to take my picture it was really neat.  Well he advised me on creating a model image and a name.  We went home and my boyfriend and I came up with the name Violet Pixie.  We created a Facebook page with my model name and bam I was started.  I put up a bunch of selfie pictures and other pictures my boyfriend took with his phone.  I felt like wow this is cool.

So then there was this other photographer that took my pictures at the group shoot and the results were amazing when I got them a week later too.  He asked me if I would be willing to shoot with him outdoors.  Again I asked if my boyfriend could come, he was ok with it, so we went to him.  Well as it turned out these 2 photographers were well known by several others in the industry, in fact the 2nd photographer was considered one of the best around.  There are 3 or 4 in the state that I've heard of since I started. Well he took my pictures and they were amazing.  I mean we were blown away by how great they were and he told me I did a really good job. 

These two photographers became my mentors. These two were Gary Christopher (Goes by a different name in the industry) and Robert French.  Robert was the 2nd photographer.  So I talked to Gary a lot and he gave me a lot of pointers on who to talk to and invited me to a couple events, while Robert mentored me in how to deal with my images and gave me great guidance in how to pose a little better.  After shooting with Robert, since he was so well known people started liking my pictures and other photographers sent me request.  Robert then asked if I had spoken to Dave Kelley, I totally forgot I met him at the convention and Robert said I should meet with him.  I said sure and Robert reached out to David.  Gary told me about an event and another one he said I probably couldn't go to since I was so new.  Bummer....Well I met with Dave and he did a shoot with me and it was amazing.  See Dave is one of the other 3 or 4 greats in the area.  Now things started really booming.  But it's late and I think I'll stop here.  Until next time.... :)

Hello from Violet

So I've been here a very short while in the modeling world and perhaps it would be best to start from where I began......

I was always interested in being a model.  In fact I wanted to be one since I was very young.  I would pose in pictures and fantasized about being a big hit.  It was difficult though.  I had 2 older sisters who were both great looking and super talented at everything they pursued.  One is a great singer and wants to act, the other is an amazing singer too and artist.  When it came to me...well I just was the misfit child with the disproportionate body that was, well just awkward.

Moving on into my older years I became obsessed with America's Next Top Model...Uh yeah I know silly but I love the show!  Anyway I would spend time just imagining myself in those scenarios.  As I grew up with the show basically it became more of a dream and not a thing that I thought would ever happen. 

Then, as I grew older I realized that my height was not quite up to the minimum required for run way modeling, and this really gave me a full on bummer moment.  I also felt so very unattractive, in that boys always went for my sisters, and I didn't feel very popular in school.  Another thing that was a bit of a set back in my pursuit is my family was super religious.  Well still are but they have let things slide a bit.  That is their beliefs in lifestyles has wavered from what they were. 

I attended this private school for arts.  I loved it, sculpting, painting, etc.  and I still do this stuff now.  Armature but everyone starts somewhere right? So on thru high school I was a bit of a social misfit.  Had a lot of friends come and go.  Some very hurtful people came in and out of my life and modeling still was just a dream.  I dated a boy and left home to live with him and that didn't work out.  I moved back home after the 1st boyfriend and my life went back to just what it was.  In the rat race like everyone else. Dated another boy and that well, was not cool and neither of these two ever were really encouraging me to pursue my dream.    Then came my 3rd boyfriend.  He was much older and I kinda pursued him.  I was 19 years old and thought he was the bees knees.  He told me I was too young and that I should date more and experience life but I just had to get him.  Eventually he broke down and we started seeing each other, I moved in after a while and told him of my dream of being a model. 

His first suggestion was that I find a photographer.  He told me he knows nothing about the industry but he knew people.  So he took me to a great photographer friend of his who does amazing pictures and asked his friend if he would take some pictures of me.  This guy is amazing and he usually charges, I mean that's his living so it made sense.  But he said ok I'll do proofs.  I didn't know what those were but was like OK.  And these proofs were great to me.  I still love them and am ever thankful for him doing this.  (And I now have an idea what proofs are.  Basically simple shots done by the photographer to show a rough idea of what the pictures are like.) this is becoming a book..  I think that I will stop here for today.  This is just what happened 2 years ago btw.  Take care and if you made it to this part.  I hope ....that I'm doing this right.  My first blog....btw please forgive my grammar.  Never was the best student LOL.